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LIDL paves way for discount chain in Romania

LIDL discount food chain is paving its way for the entrance on the market in Romania by seeking store spaces, according to the representatives of this retailer.
„Currently, we do not have a store under construction. We focus our efforts on the space acquisition in towns with more than 30,000 inhabitants”, said LIDL Romania representatives, quoted by Ziarul financiar daily.
They underlined the chain is interested in buying plots of land ranging between 4,000 and 8,000 square meters and at the same time takes into account the eventual renting of commercial spaces in surface of 800 square meters and more.
The discount chain shareholders have contributed so far more than 70 million euros to the share capital of the local branch, LIDL Romania, according to the Trade Register data. The company was set up in 2003, but three years later the retailer indefinitely postponed the plans of launching the discount chain in Romania, only to resume them in 2007.

LIDL representatives confirmed that the location list, where the company plans to open stores, includes Galati (east), information recently released by the local authorities. The first LIDL location, confirmed by the local authorities, is Bistrita-Nasaud town (north). The list also includes Iasi (east), Medias (center) and Slobozia (south), LIDL Co. showing interest in developing its business there.
For this year the company plans to build an office building in Chiajna, close to Bucharest, and in 2010 the construction of a logistics center in surface of 45,000 square meters in the same location, according to a previous announcement made by LIDL Romania officials. As such, the official launch of the discount chain on the market could take place in 2010, at the earliest.
The retailer’s plans for Romania target the development of a 100 plus chain, based on an investment of 150 million euros, reveal information on the market, yet to be confirmed by the company, ZF reads.
LIDL discount chain is held by German Schwarz Group, which also operates Kaufland discount hypermarkets.

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