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NATO Parliamentary Assembly passes resolution on the Republic of Moldova

During its Plenary Session in Oslo on May 26, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly passed a resolution on the Republic of Moldova, document submitted for approval by the Romanian parliamentary delegation, according to a release of the Liberal deputy George Scutaru, member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.
According to the resolution, the NATO PA is:
„concerned by the evolution of the tense political situation in the Republic of Moldova in the wake of the elections of 5 April 2009; reaffirming the Euro-Atlantic values of democracy and freedom that underlie our Alliance; carefully following the development of the political process in the Republic of Moldova; expects the dialogue between the government and the opposition, as well as between the political forces and the civil society, to be real, effective and transparent ; urges the Government of the Republic of Moldova to observe the human rights and fundamental freedoms that the Republic of Moldova pledged to enforce, including by joining the Partnership for Peace.”

elease also says that the idea of submitting a document regarding the situation in the Republic of Moldova belongs to the two Liberal MPs with the delegation, namely, senator Teodor Melescanu and deputy George Scutaru.
In trying to ensure more support for their initiative, deputy Sever Voinescu) PNL, PD-L, in the coalition government), deputy Doru Frunzulica (P SD, in the coalition government) and Teodor Melescanu succeeded to convince British, Canadian, Portuguese, Spanish, Latvian and Turkish MPs to sign and support the document submitted by the Romanian delegation, the release reads.
„The same excellent collaboration of the Romanian MPs could be found in the debates on the report „Republic of Moldova: internal challenges; perspectives for the Euro-Atlantic integration,” the release reads.

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