Natural gas consumption, down 19.5pc January through May 26, 2009

Natural gas consumption in Romania declined 19.58 percent January 1 through May 25, 2009, compared with the similar period of the year before, Chairman of the National Energy Regulatory Authority Petru Lificiu told the Chamber of Deputies’ Committee on Industry and Services in a hearing on Tuesday.
‘Natural gas consumption was down 19.58 percent January 1 through May 25 compared with the same period of the year before. The decline in April was 33 percent,’ said Lificiu.
Lificiu also said that domestic natural gas production does not exceed demand. ‘Domestic consumption of natural gas has not exceed by 30 percent the demand. Production has decreased considerably over the past years. Where in 1988-1989 production would be 34 billion cubic metres a year, in 2008 it plummeted to 11 billion cubic metres a year,’ said Lificiu.

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