Only 10 percent of Romanians have private health insurance

Only 10 percent of the Romanians currently have a private health insurance or a subscription to a private clinic, according to the data presented on Tuesday by president of the insurance company Signal Iduna Romania Sinziana Maioreanu during a seminar on private health insurance.
In Bucharest the persons having private health insurance account for 9.2 percent of the total number and in the provinces the percentage is slightly higher, 11.6 percent.
According to a study made by Mednet Marketing Research Center in early 2009, the private health insurance goes on being the first option mentioned by employees as regards the most important benefit they would like to have from their jobs.
But the Romanian health insurance market, which amounts to only 10 million euros a year, is at a standstill, says the president of the Signal Iduana company because of the lack of financial and medical education, of the low salaries, of the shortage of fiscal stimuli and the financial crisis.
Other problems of the Romanian medical system, mentioned by the representative of the insurance company, are the poor infrastructure, the low and decreasing number of medical staff, the lack of a professional management for hospitals, the absence of confidence in the public system, the small number cf tax payers in the socials securities system.
According to a report of the European Commission, the unofficial payments in the Romanian health system were estimated at 400 million euros in 2008.
The German company Signal Iduana started working in Romania in December 2008 and its main aim is health insurance.
The above-mentioned German group has over 10 million customers in Germany and the gross bonuses amount to 4.5 billion euros, which is twice as much as the insurance market in Romania.

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