PM Boc: Government is doing whatever is needed in times of crisis

Government is doing whatever is needed in times of crisis, and the adopted measures succeeded to limit the economic downturn effects, stated on Tuesday Premier Emil Boc.
„Whatever we have been doing we ought to keep doing in difficult times. We succeeded to avoid social slippages, maintained an investment friendly climate, as much as we could, by keeping on the flat tax, the VAT, by offering these economy boosting measures at hand. (…)
We have signals that, starting April, things took a right turn and that proves we have taken the correct measures and we limited the economic crisis effects”, said Boc during an economic debate organized by Business Standard daily.

The Prime Minister reminded that the crisis effects are also felt in more developed countries compared to Romania, such as in Japan, which saw a slump of minus 15, or Germany – a minus 7 decline.
Boc gave assurances that the Executive he leads will not give way to temptation to distribute „electoral alms” in this period.
„I am confident that, together with the governmental team I represent, we will not yield to political or populist temptations because this would be the most damaging for the country at present, we will not take into account that we have an electoral year and we will not fall prey to electoral alms distribution, as unfortunately the former Government did, when in Q4 last year it spent 4 billion euros without investing one leu in infrastructure or other investments.
Therefore, this guarantee together with the adopted measures make us feel certain that this Government is doing whatever Romania needs despite the harsher measures today, but tomorrow they will prove right”, said the Premier.

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