PM Boc: Govt. does not intend to introduce any new tax

Prime Minister Emil Boc gave assurances on Tuesday that the Executive does not work out a normative act, which would introduce new taxes or stipulate a higher flat tax or an increased Value Added Tax.
„We have no such intention. It is true we do examine and prepare the elimination of the tax on reinvested profit in the field of research and technologies, a measure which has to be correlated with what the state budget means and, from this angle, I can tell you that all the measures we adopt and which, at this moment, look beneficial are aimed at turning the country’s economy for the better”, stated Emil Boc during a debate on economic issues, organized by Business Standard daily.
As for the lump-sum tax, he said that this was conceived by the Government as a measure against fiscal evasion and that, under economic contraction conditions, it has no alternative.
„I think that our measures effects, starting April, are encouraging, but we must not befuddle ourselves and wait for them to be confirmed in the upcoming months”, stressed the Prime Minister.
Emil Boc also reminded that the lump-sum tax is valid and an evaluation of its impact upon the economy will be made in the autumn.
„We will examine the way it is reflected into the economic activity and if it would hit the intended target. The evaluation will be made in the autumn”, concluded the Premier.

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