President Basescu: Parallel energy projects, a big problem

The fact that the energy projects of Russia and the European Union (EU) remain parallel represents one of the main problems affecting the relationship between the two sides, Romanian President Traian Basescu stated on Tuesday at the Europe – Russia Economic Forum held in Bucharest.
‘One of the main problems related to the cooperation between Russia and the European Union is the fact that the energy projects remain parallel. The EU will have to try to persuade Russia to get involved in common projects,’ the Romanian head of state said.
The gas crisis has weakened, according to the Romanian President, the understandings between the EU and Russia and the trust in this country.
‘The global crisis pushes the EU and Russia into cooperation and shows that the two parties are interdependent. In this context, we need predictability and transparency. There is no need of zones of influence to be developed, but of trust.
There is need we tighten our economic cooperation, which both partners here need. Our common goal is to raise the citizens’ living standards,’ Traian Basescu added.

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