Romania can reproach nothing to itself in the relationship with Republic of Moldova

Romania can reproach itself nothing in its relations with the Republic of Moldova, and the accusations of Chsinau are not related to the policy of the Romanian state, by rather of „the civilization of the one who is making them, said, on Tuesday, minister of Foreign Affairs Cristian Diaconescu, with reference to an attack of president Vladimir Voronin concerning Romanian head of state Traian Basescu.
„From our point of view, we have no sorts of arguments, no kinds of problems, under, a formal political aspect, we can reproach us nothing. There is no kind of attitude, said Cristian Diaconescu, adding that it is not the moment that „a mere statement” generates „a process of internal political statement.”
„The aspects related to the participation of Romania to the European dialogue are related within the EU, the other elements are not related to the policy of the Romanian state. They are related rather to how civilized the one who says them is, ” said Diaconescu.
President-in-office of the Republic of Moldova Vladmir Voronin asked Brussels, at the end of last week, to take measures against politicians in Bucharest, which they accused of the revolts in Chisinau, of April. Voronin launched Brussels, to take measures against the politicians in Bucharest, whom he accused of the revolts in Chis inau, in the month of April.
Basescu launched a new attack against his Romanian counterpart Traian Basescu. The failure of the European Union keep in check „such a person, like the president of Romania,” that could prove to be very dangerous, said Basescu, according to RIA Novosti.
Previously, President Traian Basescu said, at a meeting with the local authorities of the R.of Moldova, that the authorities in Chisinau conditions the signing of the agreement on small border traffic with the initialing of the border treaty, but a head of the Romanian state cannot sign a document agreeing with the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact.

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