Romanian-Norwegian project of monitoring sturgeons fitted with satellite transmitters

Romania is conducting a 1.4-million euro project for sturgeon monitoring by satellite. 85 percent of the amount has been granted by the Norwegian Government and 15 percent by the Romanian Government, the Romanian Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Ministry (MAPDR) announced.
The Romanian Agriculture Minister Ilie Sarbu on Tuesday witnessed the attaching of satellite transmitters on sturgeons brought from the wild and released in the Danube.
The 20 satellite transmitting devices to be mounted on the sturgeons till the end of next year will offer the possibility to Romanian and Norwegian researchers to benefit of the first information on the sturgeons itinerary.
The sturgeon is the biggest fresh water fish species in the world, but the number of the migrating marine sturgeon species has followed a downward trend in the past decades.
The Romanian Agriculture Ministry has taken measures to protect this species and allotted important financial resources to that, with over 1 million euro allotted in 2009 only to the repopulation of the Danube with sturgeons.
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