Romanians from Spain, responsible but not focused on aasistance

ForMin Cristian Diaconescu met on Tuesday, with representatives of the Romanian community from Spain, abut which he said that they are responsible leaders, get involved in projects and not waiting for assistance and support.
„We have talked about cultural projects, and I want very much that they get involved, cooperate. They are focused not only on assistance and support. They assume responsibility, they are community leaders, and they want to implement projects in this respect, ” said minister Cristian Diaconescu.
Comparing the situation of the Romanians in Spain with those in Italy, the minister said that the representatives of the Romanians in Spain cooperate much better with the citizens and the local authorities. That is why, the minister said, supporting the religious communities and the educational system, by the erection of schools and churches.
Asked about the discontent of the Romanians in Spain, the minister replied that they mentioned „good things”. „Notably, what I enjoyed very much is the cooperation with the diplomatic offices, with the embassy.
But, nevertheless, the minister also mentioned a problem facing the Romanians in Spain, notably the long period of getting the IDs. He gave assurances that the Foreign Ministry will take the measures necessary for the simplification of the procedures. He promised that through a security system between the Ministry of the Interior and the Foreign Ministry, the deadline for the confirmation of the identity of the persons, a procedure necessary for new documents, can be reduced from two weeks to a few hours.
A delegation made up from representatives of the Romanians from Spain are making a visit to Romania, at the invitation of state secretary for the relations with the Romanians everywhere Eugen Tomac.
The visit is part of a programme of direct consultations between representatives of the Romanian Romanians abroad and the Romanian authorities, initiated by the Foreign Ministry, through the Department for the Liaison with the Romanians Everywhere, with the purpose of the identification of adequate solutions to the specific problems of each Romanian community.
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