Romania’s contribution to CEI Cooperation fund, up 20 pc

Romania is to pay an added 20 percent to its contribution to the Central European Initiative (CEI) Cooperation fund.
Senators have approved on Monday the law draft on the amending of Art. 1 of Law 476/2002 on the approval of Romania’s contribution to the CEI Cooperation fund.
According to the document’s motivation, the Cooperation fund budget is made of the members states’ contributions, based on an annual norm and it is the only fund stipulating a mandatory contribution.
Romania contributed annually the amount of 9,900 euros to the Cooperation fund, following its increase in 2005, according to the decision adopted by the Foreign Ministers Meeting in Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia, May 25-27 2005.
Taking into account the increasing number of cooperation projects, the Foreign Ministers Meeting in Chisinau, on Nov. 27, 2008, adopted the decision to increase the contribution to CEI Cooperation fund by 20 percent for each member state. Following this decision adopted in Chisinau Romania’s contribution to CEI Cooperation fund is established annually by the CEI relevant body.
Romania’s annual contribution is assimilated to the annual dues to the international organization and is paid from MAE budget.
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