Romania’s second n-power plant to be located in Transylvania

Romania’s second nuclear-power plant will be located in the central province of Transylvania, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu told a Europe-Russia Business Forum on Tuesday.
‘The exact location of the second nuclear-power plant will be decided this September. All I can say for the time being is that it will be located in Transylvania,’ said Videanu.
He also said that a public tender will be held for the construction of the second nuclear-power
plant. Romania currently has one nuclear-power plant, in the Black Sea town of Cernavoda, with two units covering nearly 18 percent of the domestic energy demand.
The initial plan, dating back to the early 1980s, provided for the building of five units in Cernavoda. Unit 1 was completed in 1996. It has an installed power of 706 MW, generating nearly 5TWh of electricity a year.
Unit 2 was commissioned on May 6, 2007, connected to the national power grid on August 7 and it has been functioning within normal parameters since September 2007. Both reactors use Canadian CANDU nuclear technology. The hard water used as a moderator is produced by ROMAG in Drobeta Turenu Severin.

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  1. Jan Haverkamp - Greenpeace spune

    The key-question – apart from the fact that Romania could faster, cheaper and more reliably meet its electricity demand increase with renewable sources and efficiency than with a 5 Billion EUR nuclear power plant – is where in Transilvania there will be enough cooling water? Romanian politicians should stop with megalomania pipe-dreams and look at the real opportunities they are missing now.

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