Senate Vice-President Anca Boagiu requests respect in relations between EU and Russia

Vice-President of Romania’s Senate Anca Boagiu told the Europe-Russia Economic Forum on Tuesday that the relations between the two partners should be based on mutual respect, honesty and mutual wish for the relation to make progress.
„The future of the relation between the European Union and Russia will depend on how much the two partners will admit they are two parts of a whole. The items on the common agenda – energy security, democracy, stability in the region, common neighbourhood, financial markets – reflect the complexity and importance of the partnership.
We have common interests in many of these subjects, in others our interests are complementary and in others our interests differ. A successful dialogue should be built on the idea of treating all these subjects with respect for the other one’s positions, honestly and wishing to find constructive means of making the partnership advance,” said Boagiu.

She said that, indeed, there were indeed some problems in the relation between the two partners, one of these problems being the subject of energy. In Anca Boagiu’s opinion Russia should offer predictability and stability, including by signing a document that would be very useful for the confidence between Europe and the Russian Federation.
„It is also the case of trade exchanges where we would like Moscow to be aware of the benefits of a trade without barriers. As a partner we must voice our justified concern and hope to find Russia as a partner that is wiling to get concerned about us in an appropriate way.
To do this the EU countries must recognize the importance of speaking in unison. It is important for us to defend our societies and be united and I think that these interests are connected to an integrated energy market as well as to a security of energy and thirdly, to prevent any other delivery crisis,” said Boagiu.
The Vice-President of the Senate spoke about principles such as the observance of the human rights, transparence and pluralism, opining that they should govern the relation between Europe and Russia.
„Citizens must benefit by a prosperous and democratic neighbourhood, not as by a border separating us from a possible enemy, but as by a proof of the pledge as regards the fundamental values of the Union, which are nowadays accepted the world over,” said Boagiu.

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