Special pensions to be recalculated

Special pensions will be recalculated as from 2010, Mihai Seitan, adviser on social affairs to Prime Minister Emil Boc, said on Tuesday at the Victoria Government Palace.
He explained that special pensions will be recalculated against the new pension law based on the contributions of those entitled to public pensions.
He said the issue was discussed last week by the Government and the recalculation concerns nearly 200,000 pensioners.
The pensions, he said, will be computed against the paychecks of the pensioners entitled to such pensions for the last years of employment.
‘I know what the normal contribution was each year; it was 12-13 percent, and so I calculate how many pension points there are each year for the pensioner concerned, as I do for the common pensioners, taking into account their paychecks.

The resulting new pension would be as if the pensioners were drawing a public pension. They will be drawing that much. When the new law comes into force, I will tell them that I do not care about the money they are drawing now; I am computing their pensions as if they were retiring now, taken into account the paychecks they earned. If some had wages of ROL 80 million and the computation shows 30 million, I will pay them ROL 30 million,’ Seitan explained.
He added that the prime minister has set the end of the year as the deadline for Parliament to pass the public pension reform law.
‘The law will be applicable as soon as it is published. From that moment on, the special pensions will be adjusted for the future,’ said Seitan.
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