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Start of criminal prosecution ordered against Adrian Nastase

The prosecutors of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) began the criminal prosecution against former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase in two criminal files, following the March 4 relevant decision of the Chamber of Deputies, reads a DNA release sent on Tuesday.
According to the DNA release, the prosecutors presented the former PM on May 21, 2009 and May 26, 2009 respectively, the charges in the two files: „Aunt Tamara” – dealing with the disguise of ill-gotten goods as inheritance, and „Zambaccian II.”
The decision to start the criminal prosecution was taken following the notification filed by Romania’s General Prosecutor in conformity with Art. 109 Para. 2 of the Constitution of Romania and Art. 12 and 19 of Law 115/1999 on ministerial accountability – republished version, and under consideration of the Constitutional Court’s decision No. 270 of March 10, 2008.

On March 4, the Chamber of Deputies convened in plenary sitting approved by a vote of 158 to 128 the request of the Romanian General Prosecutor to have prosecution proceedings started against current deputy and former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase in the two cases.
At that time, taking the floor of the Chamber of Deputies, Adrian Nastase reaffirmed that the files are politically arranged „upon the order of President Traian Basescu,” and claimed that his guilt is not proven. He asked his colleagues in Parliament „to break the Constitution” and vote for the start of the prosecution.
The DNA release states that according to the Criminal Procedure Code, this stage of the process represents the completion of the criminal investigation and the referral of the indictment to court for trial, a situation that can in no way affect the ‘assumption of not-guilt’ principle.

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