Adrian Severin: Consolidation of NATO-Russia partnership is a must

The European Union should develop a soft security concept, to replace the hard security concept, represented by NATO, stated on Tuesday Euro-parliamentarian Adrian Severin in the Europe-Russia Economic Forum (May 25-27, the Parliament Palace).
Severin enumerated a few instruments which could be placed at the basis of this theory: „NATO-Russia partnership consolidation, stoppage of NATO enlargement to Caucasus and postponement of NATO enlargement to Ukraine, development of an European Union strategy for the extension of the soft security, establishment of a global defence pact between Europe, USA and Russia”.
As well, Adrian Severin underlined there are two crucial concepts the international community must take into account at a moment when „the world is seeking a balance” – the shared neighboring concept and the shared international responsibility concept.
Shared neighborhood means, as the Euro MP explained, complementarity and compatibility between the regional interest, regional neutrality and non-alignment, economic opportunity, encouragement of international competition, balance between the global and local players in decision taking process at international level, democratization of international relations, free access to strategic resources and to technological progress etc.
As for the shared international responsibility concept of the players, this refers to the re¬establishment of the decision mechanism at international level, delimitation of the global and the local players role in defending security and stability, establishment of a supra-national instrument aimed at strengthening the international lobby etc.
According to Severin, all these aspect must be taken into consideration when one speaks about the relation with Russia and with the USA, as well.
„We have the common interest in forging a ring of friends around our borders. This means the achievement of a ring of security and stability, having a strategy for the frozen conflicts in the neighborhood and promotion of the regional integration”, Adrian Severin told participants in the Europe-Russia Forum. He added that, equally, the creation of a global network of partnership is needed, at the foundation of the creation of a balance globally.
Last but not least, Severin enumerated a few principles which could govern a relation with Russia from the energy standpoint: free competition, open market, guarantee of a protection against non-transparent political manipulation, bilateral arrangements completed with an EU internal strategy in the energy field.


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