Anastassios Bougas, EC: I am satisfied with SOP „Environment” progress in Romania

Meeting of the Monitoring Committee on Sectoral Operational Programme (SOP) „Environment”, held in Cluj-Napoca, was very useful and as for myself I am satisfied with the progress registered by this programme, Anastassios Bougas, head of the Unit for Romania in the General Regional Politics Department of the European Commission told on Tuesday.
„A lot of noise was made about all being black in Romania, but here we have an evidence that the situation is completely different. If Romania is committed and has a certain stability, progress is obvious. We are on the right path. If one examines SOP, there are very many good elements. Obviously this is a programme doing well and this fact facilitates many other things.
Certainly, there are still some issues to be solved. But today we have a first contract with the final beneficiaries after they met some difficulties linked to the regulations, as well as to the European directives for the public market. On the other hand, money is needed, additional amounts, and this aspect was debated by participants in the meeting today”, emphasized the EC official.
In his speech given within the meeting, Anastasios Bougas voiced satisfaction to take part in the event in Cluj-Napoca, chaired by the Ministry of Environment Nicolae Nemirschi, event dedicated to the analysis of the implementation stage of SOP „Environment”.
„Most clear evidence of the progress made is that today we signed this financing contract in the field of waste management between the Ministry of Environment and Bistrita-Nasaud County Council. I regard this programme as one of the best performing not only in Romania, but also in Europe. 11 big projects were already approved and there is the ambition that year-on-year the number of approved projects to go up.
I think this is an excellent performance. The European Commission, through the General Regional Politics Department (DG Regio of EC) I am representing, has a special interest in SOP „Environment”.
This is a contribution to Romania’s regional and economic development, through the 5.6 billion euros entering the country, a contribution to its economic and social cohesion, a solidarity proof with Romania and its citizens and, surely, a contribution for the implementation of the Community acquis, which is very important for the citizens’ life quality.
Given all the aforementioned, I appreciate the commitment of the Ministry of Environment and of Romania’s Government to correctly implement this environment programme”, underlined Anastassios Bougas.
Attending the meeting were the Minister of Environment Nicolae Nemirschi, Anastassios Bougas, head of the Unit for Romania in the General Regional Politics Department of the European Commission, Benoit Nadler, with JASPERS consultants (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions), directors general of departments within the Ministry of Environment, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, of the Ministry of Labor and of the Ministry of Transport, representatives of the Romanian Water Association, directors of SOP „Environment” Intermediary Bodies in the country, representatives of the Authority for Coordination of Structural Instruments (ACIS), local public authorities in the North-West Region, other governmental bodies.

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