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Conservative leader accuses Govt of tax institutionalization

Founder president of the Conservative Party, Dan Voiculescu, considers that the government’s entire economic action philosophy ‘grounds on the idea of burdening the population with taxes and duties.’
„This logic has transmitted to all levels, and even to the real economy, affecting to the very end the population,” says Voiculescu in a release sent to Agerpres on Wednesday.
In his opinion, a climate of „institutionalized impoverishment” of the population has set in, with all the costs being transferred to the citizens; in this sense, Voiculescu gave the example of the recent 40 pct supplementation of the third-party car liability insurance policy, after it was increased by 100 pct at the end of 2008.

„This is a very good example of tactics whereby all costs are directly shifted on the back of the population, while the institutions in charge keep silent,” notes Dan Voiculescu.
He added that he would refer the issue to the Competition Council.
‘In full economic crisis, the Romanians are stifled by taxes. That’s how the government understands to get us out of the crisis, by over-taxation, by introducing new taxes and by indifference towards the generalized increase of levies. Instead of keeping the population protected against the effects of the crisis, encouragement is given to the practice of institutionalized levies. (…)
The authorities’ idleness thus encourages such practices whereby the Romanians are stifled with dues popped up overnight,” believes Dan Voiculescu.

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