Court budgets should not be used to pay wage arrears

Prime Minister Emil Boc on Wednesday asked the magistrates no to pay wage arrears from court budgets, as that would run contrary to the smooth functioning of the judiciary.
‘There are instances in which money earmarked for court operations have been prioritarily used to pay wage arrears.
There have also been such instances and the Government was informed about them, but truth is these are exceptional occurrences. Rest assured that I will make the necessary corrections, within the existing budgetary limits, to secure the operation of the judiciary,’ Boc told a 100th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Magistrates.
Boc mentioned he knows there are some wages and pay bonuses many years in arrears.
‘Yet, I am asking you for solidarity, for dialogue, understanding and partnership. What I mean by partnership is recognising the rights consecrated by court rulings,’ said Boc. He added that the Government spending this year on wages and staff costs is higher than in 2008 because pay rises and pension increases were approved in 2008.
He also pointed to the European context in which Romania is developing.
‘Under the EU accession treaty, Romania is subjected to the cooperation and verification mechanism in the judiciary, where everybody – the government, Parliament, CSM and courts of law – has its own obligations toward Romanians to fully integrate the country with the EU, so that all Romanian citizens may have the court sentences issued on them recognised anywhere in the EU,’ said Boc.

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