European Conference on continuous training for teachers

The Conference on ‘Ensuring Quality in Continuous Professional Training of Teachers – Priorities and Prospects’ will take place at the Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty of Bucharest University, on May 29-31, Bucharest University spokesperson Aurel Ghimpu told.
This European level event happens under the aegis of the European Network on Teachers Education Policies and is organised in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation and the National Center for Training the Teaching Staff in the secondary education units.
Attending the Conference are representatives from 17 European countries along with officials of the European commissions for training the teaching staff.
‘The event is an outstanding moment for the recognition of the high quality educational offers in the fields of the teaching staff’s training and at the same time an appreciation for our University as a promoter of the European successful projects on education and teachers’ training.
The Conference will represent a reference moment for defining the European policies on the continuous training of the teaching staff. We have in view the European approaches of the continuous training, the European framework of the training and the continuous professional development, ‘ Ghimpu stressed.
A distinct aspect will be the issues referring to the continuity and the changes coming up in the professional development processes, such as the development of the specific instruments of analyzing the requirements of the training, its norms and creativity in the professional development processes. The participants will also approach and analyze the impact of the continuous training processes on the school quality.

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