Finance Ministry moves casinos out of blocks of flats and taxes them more heavily

Casinos will no longer be allowed to be opened in the blocks of flats, but only in non-residential buildings or at least 3-star hotels, a mandatory requirement for the organizers to get the authorization to start a gambling company, reads a draft Ordinance drawn up by the Public Finance Ministry.
Gambling may exceptionally run in cinema halls, theater foyers, sports halls, culture houses and buildings of similar purposes, on the condition the gamblers are given separate entrance and without disturbing the other activities and the under-aged should be totally restricted access to the gambling rooms, the Ziarul financiar informs.
The draft ordinance also stipulates that taxes for gambling will considerably grow, up to four times for casinos and an organization license and a minimal share capital will be compulsory, while the taxation rules are also applicable to the Romanian National Lottery.
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