ForMin Diaconescu: Europe wants predictable and mutually advantageous energy partnership with Russia

The European Union’s preoccupation to find alternatives to ensure the energy security is natural, with Europe wishing a viable, predictable and mutually advantageous energy partnership with the Russian Federation, Romania’s Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu said at the Europe-Russia Economic Forum, on Tuesday.
‘We all have a long-term common interest in making sure that the energy resources will be the rational support for the states in the region to develop and prosper. Like all the other regional energy suppliers, the Russian Federation is interested in exporting its resources and Europe is directly interested in a viable, predictable and mutually advantageous energy partnership with the Russian Federation on the energy security,’ ForMin Diaconescu said.
Same as the enlargement of the North Atlantic Alliance should not represent an antagonistic signal against the interests of any country, the preoccupation with the energy security alternatives must represent a sign of cooperation, Romania’s top diplomat stressed.
The EU must launch a common energy policy, ForMin Diaconescu said, adding that was also in Russia’s interest.
Normally, all the three players, the EU, the Russian Federation and the United States should be interested in the economic development and consolidation of the Euro-Asian space because the development will be accompanied by stability and predictable security, Romania’s foreign minister added.
On the other hand, Diaconescu said that in terms of security, the European Union and the Russian Federation share the same interests, namely combating terrorism and preventing the weapons of mass destruction proliferation.
‘I think NATO partnerships offer significant cooperation sources that cover the entire European and Asian space, part in the Euro-Atlantic horizon.
The negotiations for the new strategic partnership between the EU and Russia will go on and the security dimension of a partnership will create the circumstances for intensifying the cooperation, taking into account the joint mechanisms for the foreign and security policy,” ForMin Diaconescu underscored.
In the end, referring to the Eastern Partnership, Romania’s Foreign Minister was advocating for ‘more merits of the cooperation instead of the competition for influence.’
The Europe – Russia economic Forum at its 5th edition is organized by the Eastern Institute of Poland, under the high patronage of President Traian Basescu. The event brings together important politicians of the EU member states and Russia, among whom it is worth mentioning Lech Walesa and Vladimir Lebedev.

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