Minimum income guaranteed, up by 15 percent

The Government endorsed on Wednesday an Emergency Ordinance on the increase by 15 percent of the minimum income guaranteed as of July 1, Premier Emil Boc announced.
„We once again try to protect the most vulnerable in front of the economic crisis’ effects”, PM Boc said.

The increase by 15 percent of the minimum income guaranteed is a measure foreseen in the agreement with the World Bank, which demanded for a better protection of the disadvantaged categories of the population in the economic crisis period.
According to the premier, the minimum income guaranteed will count for 125 lei for a single person, 225 lei for a two-person family, 313 lei for a three-person family, 390 lei for a four-person family, 462 lei for a five-person family and 31 lei plus for each and other person of the families exceeding five persons.
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