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MP Borbely: The situation of Romanians in Italy has improved a lot over the past months

The situation of Romanian nationals in Italy has improved over the past months as the tone in the political declarations and media articles has abated, Chairman of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies’ Committee on Foreign Affairs Laszlo Borbely, on a visit to Italy, told Agerpres on Wednesday.
‘Besides discrimination, it is very important that Romanians in Italy have managed to preserve their jobs, and their lay-offs here are fewer than in Spain,’ said Borbely.
In his statement, the MP said cooperation in the area of the judiciary between Romania and Italy has to continue into the future, as well as political dialogue, including at a parliamentary level, so as to avoid the escalation of a new tense situation against Romanians, particularly amidst the ongoing economic crisis that reduces tolerance and hospitality to foreigners.
Borbely also mentioned having discussed the anti-crime and pro-public safety measures prepared by the Italian Government on Tuesday with head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Representatives Stefano Stefani.

Romania, he said, raised the issue of the vigilante teams which statutes were approved two weeks ago by the Italian Chamber of Representatives with a legislative package concerning public safety and immigration.
‘Public safety should be secured by the law enforcement officers, carabinieri and police officers who are entrusted to do so, not by civilian vigilantes, which have already generated many tensions where they were created,’ said Borbely, voicing hope that these patrolling crews will not resort to dangerous actions against Romanian nationals.
He added that the issue of crime in Italy will not be solved by the patrolling crews, but by increased severity against criminals, because there are many such persons who have come to Italy not just from Romania, but from other countries as well, knowing that they will be leniently treated.
The delegation in Rome headed by Borbely also included MPs Mariu Rogin and Cristina Dumitrache, and besides the meeting on Tuesday with the similar Italian committee Stefano Stefani on Tuesday the schedule of the visit also includes meetings with officials of the local Romanian communities and with Deputy Speaker of the Italian Chamber of Representatives Rocco Buttiglione and members of the European affairs committee of the chamber.

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