Official Romanian-Hellenic meeting in tourism field

Romanian Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea on Wednesday meets the Chairman of the Hellenic Tourism Organization Ioannis A. Kofinis to discuss around a Romanian-Hellenic cooperation in this field of activity, according to a release of the Romanian Ministry of Tourism.
The Romanian Tourism Minister is going to participate also in the other meetings occasion by the two-day official paid by the Romanian President Traian Basescu and his delegation to Greece over May 27-28, as a member of this delegation. Members of the delegation are also the Foreign Affairs Minister Cristian Diaconescu, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu and the Romanian Minister of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Patrimony Theodor Paleologu.

The main points on the meeting’s agenda will be the official meeting between the Romanian delegation and the President of the Hellenic Republic His Excellency Karolos Papoulias and also the meeting with the Greek Prime Minister Constantinos Karamanlis.
Members of the official delegation are going to participate in the Greek-Romanian Economic Cooperation Forum too.
On Wednesday, the Romanian officials will meet the representatives of the Romanian community in Greece.

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