Only 50,000 Romanians settled in Spain might vote for host country tickets

Romania’s having just recently acquired EU membership is one of the reasons why there is not yet massive public awareness of the importance of the European Parliament, and why just 49,317 Romanians registered with the Spanish Elections Roll to vote for Spanish tickets in the June 7 European Parliament elections, shows the most recent data provided  by Romanian Ambassador in Madrid, Maria Ligor.
„An explanation (for the relatively small number of Romanians registered on Spanish electoral rolls – Ed. Note) is our recent accession to the European Union, which happened in 2007 – there are practically two years and a half since – which is why not so many are aware of the importance of the EP,’ the Romanian Ambassador remarked.
In the opinion of the Romanian Ambassador, „we are within the normalcy parameters, and I think that the Romanian community in Spain has a certain reserve, a growth potential of this number in the next elections.”
The turnout of Romanians – in their capacity as European, community citizens – is „difficult, if not impossible to anticipate either on the Spanish or Romanian rolls,’ believes Ms. Ligor.
However, what should be stressed, says the Romanian Ambassador, is that „60 pct of the laws that govern us are adopted by the EP, not in Spain or in Romania either, but in the EP, alongside the Council, where all member states have representatives.’

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