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PM Boc: The government coalition backs pensions re-calculation

The current government coalition backs the measure of re¬calculation of the pensions granted on the grounds of special laws and the law will be enforced with January 1st 2010, Prime minister Emil Boc stated on Wednesday for the public radio station.
The premier assured that each pensioner will receive a pension calculated on the base of each one’s contribution to the public system, without privileges and based on the equity and balance principle in front of the law, a procedure which in some cases will lead to cuts of the sums currently received.
„Currently, there are laws in Romania which favour some people in the detriment of others, varying with the way certain social categories succeeded to promote in the Parliament various laws.
We can do nothing but what it is in the civilized world, in the European Union – the same salary unitary system for all the people paid from the public budget and a unitary pension system for all the pensioners of the public system”, Emil Boc added.

„Many pensioners, and this is not their fault, I won’t blame them, have the possibility to receive a pension as follows: they have contributed for a ten-million lei pension, and receive instead a pension worth 100-million lei. The 90-million lei (old currency) difference is from the state budget, which we pay because the law says so”, the premier gave an example.
Asked about what will happen with those people who already have a special pension and whether this measure will affect the pensioners benefiting from the special laws, by making them lose money, the premier said that some will lose, some won’t.
The prime-minister said the law is not retroactive and that each person will receive a pension according to the contribution to the state budget.
„It is not natural to maintain privileges, to finance from the state budget pensions which are not sustained by the contribution to the social insurance budget”, the Premier added.

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