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President Basescu recommends the Greeks to invest in Romania’s agriculture and tourism

President Traian Basescu, present on Wednesday night, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Athens, recommended the Greek businessmen to invest in the projects benefiting from European funds in Romania, but also target to the agricultural and tourist sectors which, even with potential, are not valued as they should be.
The head of state added that Romania has a high agricultural potential, but the food industry is not enough ready to process the production.
„The European assessments show that Romania has the conditions to ensure the food for 80 million citizens, provided that our population counts for 22 million. Yet we are facing a paradox.
Although we do have these conditions of agricultural development, Romania imports about 70 percent of the food the population consumes”, Traian Basescu said, also stressing that our country has one of the most important ecological areas in Europe, over four million hectares.
President Basescu also said that another „natural advantage” of Romania is tourism, also a field where the necessary investments were not done.
He made an appeal to the Greek investors who could participate in the speeding up of the process of increasing the capacity of absorption of the European funds, adding that the Romanian administration could not be very efficient in this field between 2007-2008.
He reminded that by 2013 Romania benefits from 32 billion euros from the European Union, and that another 22 billion euros represent the mandatory contribution Romania has to inject in the projects financed with non-reimbursable funds from the EU.
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