Residential quarter for Rosia Montana people, inaugurated in Alba Iulia

The first residential project for the people of Rosia Montana was inaugurated on Wednesday in Alba Iulia. It is about the Recea quarter, built by the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC), to provide a housing alternative to the families of Rosia Montana that have sold their homes close to the future opencast gold mine.
The residential compound, inaugurated in the presence of Alba Iulia Mayor Mircea Hava and Rosia Montana Mayor Eugen Furdui, is part of a resettlement programme initiated and designed by RMGC that also includes the Piatra Alba quarter.
RMGC Spokesman Catalin Hosu said the Recea project entailed a $32 million investment.
‘The Recea quarter was built up from scratch and required a highly complex infrastructure. As a result, all the inhabitants of this quarter have all the necessary amenities and utilities,’ Hosu explained. He added that the Recea development is one of the most important and largest property developments in Romania.
The Recea quarter of Alba Iulia is made up of 215 individual homes divided in eight categories by size, from 65 square metres to 165 square metres. The average price for such a hose is 40,000 euros.
The compound covers 24 hectares and the locals also have a seven-hectare green area which final use will be up to them to decide and the investment will also be covered by the RMGC.
The gold mining project of Rosia Montana will cover an exploitable area of some 12.5 square kilometers. RMGC is expecting to extract some 300 tonnes of gold and more than 1,400 tonnes of silver for the 16 years of the project.
The Canadian company has bought, since 2002, 67 percent of 947 households in the impact area of the gold mining project and 49 percent of the non-residential land needed to develop the project. The total value of the acquisitions is standing at more than $41 million.
RMGC official Hosu told Agerpres in an exclusive statement that the two residential quarters suggested in the resettlement plans in Rosia Montana will require a total investment of nearly $110 million.
The Canadian developers is expecting to create nearly 1,200 jobs at the stage of the mine construction and 600 permanent jobs after the project becomes operational. The RMGC study also indicates that more than $1.5 billion will be paid in the Romanian Treasury, which owns a 20-percent stake in RMGC.
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