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Romania has 30 world records recognised in the World Book of Records

Romania made it for the first time to the Guinness World Book of Records in 1986, and has then garnered nearly 30 world records, one fifth of which in the last year alone, weekly Capital reports in its latest issue.
Raymond Marshall, head of business affairs with the Guinness World Records (GWR), was recently in Romania to witness the making of the world’s biggest paper bag by the local Kaufland shop late last week.
He said that he remembers 12 important records set by Romania, half of which set the last year. Among them are the records for the longest bride dress train and the longest letter to Santa Claus.

To make the world’s biggest paper bag, Kaufland contracted a specialist firm, and then contacted Guinness World Records officials, says Kaufland Economic Director Patricia Dragan.
‘The idea came to us last October when discussing recycling,’ she says. She mentions that it was about breaking the existing record for the biggest such bag. Kaufland had to pay 300,000 euros from its accounts for the event, of which only 10 percent was the price for the bag, and the remaining was paid in GWR fees and promotion costs.
‘This success will certainly not be to our financial advantage; I am not expecting sales to rise, but the promotion campaign has positioned our company as a nature friendly one,’ says Dragan.
Capital mentions among the other Romanian world records the establishment in Pitesti of the largest shelter for ownerless dogs – covering 45,000 square metres and able to shelter up to 3,000 dogs; the biggest fruit cake, of 281.1 kg, baked in Bucharest in December 2008 and the biggest goulash bowl prepared in September 2007 in Baia Mare.

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