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Air France – KLM records 7-pct growth in traffic in Romania

The Air France – KLM Alliance recorded a growth by 7 percent in the traffic involving flights from or to Romania January through April this year, Alexandru Dobrescu, the Alliance’s Manager for Romania told on Wednesday.
‘Our traffic figure grew by 7 percent January through April this year, compared with the same interval last year, due mainly to the good quality of our services and to the travelers preferring our flights,’ Dobrescu said.

He specified that, despite the financial crisis affecting the air transport market too, the Alliance will continue to function at its entire capacity in 2009, in Romania, with 4 flights currently being operated on a daily basis on the Bucharest-Amsterdam route, one of which is operated in code-share with Tarom and five flights to Paris, two of which are operated in code-share with Tarom.
Dobrescu also added that, with regards to the flights to the United States, the Alliance cut by 2 percent its capacity worldwide following to make further modifications depending on the situation in each country.
Air France – KLM on Wednesday launched, at the Novotel Hotel in Bucharest, the first online cheek-in terminal worldwide for the Novotel, facilitating thus the access of the hotel’s customers to choosing their seat on the plane, 30 hours before the flight.
Dobrescu explained that, with the European self cheek-in service system accesing rate standing at 90 percent, in Romania it reaches only 10 percent, following that, in the case of the Air- France – KLM group to reach 50 percent in the next three years.

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