ANEIR: Exports to non-European zone, 63 pc slump

Exports to the non-European zone slumped 63 percent in the first 10 days of May, and signals are not at all encouraging because there are no orders and the few companies with orders have difficulties in financing production, stated on Wednesday President of the National Association of Exporters and Importers in Romania (ANEIR) Mihai Ionescu.
„After a predictable exports decline, of 7 and 14 percent in November and, respectively, in December 2008, the export crisis being triggered in November 2008, this year confirmed that after five past months we have yet to hit the bottom.
As a proof, after declines around 30 percent in the first months, with March an exception when, due to added Dacia exports for the German „Car scrapping programme”, we saw a recovery, in May we faced a 63 percent slump in the first decade in the non¬european zone, we have data”, ANEIR official told.
In his opinion, this points out that Romania is far from leaving behind the crisis peak, in contrast to the officials’ attempts to send an optimistic message.
„We have discussed with those who send such messages and they explained this is due to their position. Nobody in Romania could say Romania is finished. It is not finished, but we also live the same dramatic times as the other countries, maybe more dramatic than the other, or maybe less.
Although the fact that Hungarians or Polish people live worse is of no interest to us, what is certain is that we still have to be further confronted with this burden”, he said.
Even though exports should offer the opportunity to exit the crisis, Mihai Ionescu said that, unfortunately, the Government’s anti-crisis programme ANEIR succeeded to „slip in” a few measures, aimed at backing exporters, failed to materialize.
A first issue is the one of VAT for exports, ANEIR asking for the urgent payment of last year overdue VAT. Despite the pledge was that it was going to be paid till March 15, ANEIR President stated there are cases when the exporters did not receive the money.
A second issue is the funds for backing and promoting exports in 2009, funds wished to be maintained at the level of 2008.
A third issue mentioned by ANEIR President is represented by EximBank capitalization and the guarantee funds.
„Still it lags behind – despite some justification, that it must be approved by the European Union. We want to see it done as soon as possible because an increasing number of financing requests are submitted and this money is more than necessary at the moment compared with the previous periods, when Romania was not burdened by an economic crisis”, he concluded.

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