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Crisis is no opportunity, but change

The crisis is no opportunity, but a change, during which many companies are born, and still more are suffering, said manager of the company RTC Octavian Radu, on Thursday, at a debate on „Small and medium-sized companies, SMEs, giving as an example his company, Diverta, which went down by 40 percent under the level of the year 2008.
At the same company, the salary fund went down by 38 percent, by cuts of staff and salaries. „The spiral of the crisis has to be stopped by the state, not by entrepreneurs, ” Octavian Radu also said.
An aspect of the crisis is that the banks have money, but there is nobody who asks for them, because the employees are afraid to take credits, and the companies do not know whether they will exist in six year’s time.

„This is the reason why I should like to show that the rise in productivity is the effect of the rise in salaries, and if salaries do increase, consumption goes up, and so does the profit, which leads to an increase in taxation.
In Romania, the volume of taxes paid to the state stands at some 30 percent of GDP, compared with various other European states, where it reaches 45 percent, which makes that often the foreign investors think of taxation only as an argument of negotiation, added Octavian Radu.
He added that in Romania, necessary is a raise in salaries, in order to diminish the migration of the Romanian workers.
Finanlly, the businessman said that companies are born from changes, be they social (as it happened in Romania in 1990), technological or brought about by the crisis, but from here until considering the crisis an opportunity there is a long way.

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