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Health Minister Bazac confirms two more cases of new-virus flu

Health Minister Ion Bazac announced on Thursday, in a press conference, that two more cases of a new-virus flu AH1N1 were confirmed, the sick persons being hospitalised at the Matei Bals Institute of Infectious Diseases.
One is the father of the 30-year-old woman from New York, who came on holiday in Romania and was hospitalised on Tuesday evening at Matei Bals Institute, and her child, aged one year and two months, both viewed as secondary transmission cases.
Currently, all the confirmed cases are hospitalised at the Matei Bals Institute of Infectious Diseases and the patients’ situation is good, stressed Bazac. He added that tests were taken and sent to the reference laboratory in London, for confirmation.
Bazac said the patients checked in on Thursday morning when the lab tests were confirmed. The second child of the woman, aged three years, tested negative, but he was nonetheless hospitalised with the mother, who is no longer a virus bearer but was case zero, in a separate room, as is the procedure with children.
He also said the ongoing epidemiological inquiries have reduced the number of close contacts of the family to 22 people: 15 passengers on board the Air France flight from Paris to Bucharest, five more members of the extended family and two people who welcomed them at the airport. The last two came on their own to the institute for testing, and both as well as the five members of the extended family have tested negative.

Two other contacts, shortly identified with the aid of the Ministry of the Administration and Interior, will be subjected to the epidemiological inquiries underway and they will either bee seen by doctors or have samples sent for examination.
The 22 persons have been advised to quarantine at home for seven days, although they are not showing the signs of the infection.
Minister Bazac mentioned that the number of people having got in contact with the virus bearer is small because the woman stood with her children in the back of the airplane and did not move much.
He said the Cantacuzino National Institute has the capabilities of diagnosing and confirming infection with the new flu virus through molecular microbiological methods. The institute is accredited by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to confirm the existence of flu virus at national level and also at the level of the nine South-Eastern Europe.
The institute is currently busy testing samples from Albania, Moldova, Croatia and Serbia. All these samples are tested for free, according to a decision of the WHO, said Bazac, mentioning that the samples sent to London are also examined for free. He said there is still no knowing if the virus is similar to the one in Europe, which will be determined by the London laboratory,
The coordination board of the Romanian Health Ministry has instituted special guarding for the Matei Bals Institute of Infectious Diseases, under a plan of measures for pandemics.
The board also established that any information on new cases as well as about the health state of patients should be presented twice a day in news briefings or press releases.

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