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INSOMAR poll finds Romanian farmers’ expectations lower after accession

Two years after the country’s EU accession, Romanians in rural areas are not as confident that there will be a boost in their household incomes, farmers’ subsidizes or opportunities to sell their farming products, as they were hoping for in 2005, reveals a poll conducted by the National Institute for Opinion Studies and Marketing (INSOMAR).
The INSOMAR poll titled „Life in rural Romania two years after EU accession” was conducted over March 25 – April 5, 2009, in 74 urban and 78 rural localities in 40 counties and in the City of Bucharest; the poll data was then compared to the November 2005 rural Eurobarometer.

Only 3.8 pct of Romanian farmers reported higher household incomes after accession, whereas in 2005, 28 pct of the respondents said they were expecting their revenues to grow substantially starting 2007.
Two years after accession, 51.3 pct of the interviewed countryside residents said they expect their household incomes to remain constant, and 38.6 pct of the polled expect them to decrease.
As regards the possibilities of farmers to sell their products, in 2005, 41 pct of the respondents were stating that the European Union will provide the necessary framework for them to earn good money from their work. The situation has changed since accession, with only 5.6 pct of the respondents declaring now that their chances to sell agricultural products have increased since 2007.
In 2009, 51.3 pct of the respondents in the INSOMAR poll said that the EU has limited their chances to sell their products and 32 pct said that accession did not bring for them any change at all.

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