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Iuliu Winkler: Having influence in EP requires solid professional training

A solid professional training, a very good diplomacy and a developed sense of compromise represent the key of success at the European Parliament (EP), Romanian MEP (from the Union of the Democratic Hungarians in Romania – UDMR, in opposition) Iuliu Winkler, said in an interview.
A candidate on the UDMR’s list for the upcoming EP elections, Iuliu Winkler believes that an European MEP should understand very well not only the situation in the country he represents, but in the other EU member states too.
‘We want to be influential and represent our country in an efficient manner. That’s why, we need to have a solid professional training to make use of while working in the specialized committees as MEPs.
First of all, we need to understand very well the situation in our country, the situation of the citizens we represent, while looking from the perspective of the field of activity we are in at the EP.

And we need to understand the situation in the other EU member states too. Thus, we can obtain a very good efficiency in our activity,’ the Romanian MEP said.
Referring to diplomacy and compromise, the UDMR candidate said they are necessary for achieving the harmonization of the interests of the MEPs when they are working under the specialized committees, but also at the EP plenary sessions.
‘I believe there is need of a very good diplomacy and of a solid sense of compromise for the EP cannot function on the sense of compromise alone. There is always need the 27 member states to harmonize their interests at the level of the committees.
For instance, there are a few hundreds of politicians in the Parliament we need to convince of our political or professional opinion being correct and in the benefit of the citizens we represent,’ Winkler said.
According to him, the MEPs also need to be in good physical shape for the programme includes many travels to keep them in in direct contact with the realities and problems of the citizens in their country.

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