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Iuliu Winkler: Romania’s next decade to be influenced by future European MPs

Romania’s development in the upcoming ten years will be influenced by the activity, run under the mandate of the European Parliament members to be elected on June 7, stated EMP Iuliu Winkler (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, UDMR, in opposition), in an interview.
He said that the following European Parliament (EP) sessions will establish the Community budget structure for 2014-2020, the new agricultural policy and the regional development policy.
„In the upcoming two or three parliamentary sessions the decisions on the new common agricultural policy will be finalized because after 2013 we will have a new agricultural policy in the EU. Romania’s representatives in the EP have the duty to secure the Romanian farmer’s equal opportunities with all the other farmers in the member states.

Nowadays we receive less subsidies, we receive less support and we have to fight for an equal situation”, underlined Iuliu Winkler.
Candidate for a new EMP mandate, Iuliu Winkler stressed the importance of the fact that the regional development policies benefit, after 2014 as well, of substantial funds from the EU budget. In this context, Winkler said that, during the current budget programme period, two thirds of the EU funds destined to Romania are aimed at the regional development policy.
„I will give you a single figure: from the EU funds earmarked for Romania during the current period 2007-2013, in value of 31.5 billion euros, an amount of 19.6 billion euros comes on the line of regional development policies. Therefore more than two thirds of the money Romania has access to are destined to help this policy.
It is obvious that Romania’s interest is that further, after 2014, the regional development will continue to be a substantially financed policy from the EU common budget”, said the EMP in the interview.

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