Justice Ministry undergoes reorganization, saves public money

Minister of Justice and Civic Freedoms Catalin Predoiu announced on Thursday that the Government approved the draft resolution on the Ministry’s reorganization and functioning, including a new organization chart, which will result in savings of over one million euros.
„We reorganize the Ministry by bringing activities together according to logical criteria and slashing unnecessary posts. It is time we started general cleaning inside the Ministry, competent staff stays, the others have to go.
And the remaining professionals will get a fair pay” – said Predoiu, stressing that the reorganization of the institution will save one million euros in public money.
Catalin Predoiu explained that the Ministry departments will be grouped according to the similitude and complementarity of their activity: legislation and judicial affairs, cooperation, logistical support, development and management.
Four departments will be dismantled by transformation, and overlapping managerial posts will be axed. This lean management action is targeted at 14 posts of deputy director and the post of deputy secretary general, whereas one post of director will be converted into that of service head.
Predoiu also announced that an assessment of administrative efficiency would be conducted within 90 days and if necessary, the Ministry will undergo new reorganization.

The Minister of Justice said that scrapping the posts of deputy director will result in savings of 400,000 euros a year and putting an end to the practice of secondment will save another 450,000 euros a year.
These costs were so high because, apart from the pay, the magistrates on secondment receive daily allowance and refunding for accommodation and transport.
„We removed 60 posts from the organization chart of MJLC which we assigned to courts. These jobs would have burdened the Ministry with about one million euros a year, had they been filled and received funding.
I chose not to scrap them, but to transfer them to the judiciary, which is in bad need for magistrates. We will also assess still existing secondments to in the Ministry, their current cost stands at about 500,000 euros per year,’ added Catalin Predoiu.
He said that the bonus award system will also be assessed.
The conference organized by Minister Catalin Predoiu follows his having challenged on Wednesday, the Supreme Council of Magistrates to commit to a process of reform, suggesting a competition between the two institutions.
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