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Mircea Geoana: PSD will perform well in the European election and win the presidential election

The Social Democratic Party (PSD), a partner in the two- party ruling coalition with the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), will have a better score in the European election than in last November’s parliamentary election and win the presidential election this autumn, PSD national leader Mircea Geoana said on Thursday in Nasaud.
‘I believe we will have a better score in the European election than in the last parliamentary election, and I am sure we will decisively win the presidential election this autumn. It is obviously our ambition to garner all the votes for the PSD, and also the votes of those who are undecided or dissatisfied with politics. The true test will be whether we manage to rebuild a minimum of hope in those who are today dissatisfied with politics and politicians,’ said Geoana.
As regards dissensions between PD-L and PSD in Bistrita Nasaud County, Geoana said the chairman of the PSD county organisation, MP Radu Moldovan, was right to denounce the protocol between PSD and PD-L.

‘Each county matters and each situation in which the coalition partners do not understand that they should treat their partner with respect and in absolute symmetry will generate difficulties.
In Bistrita, the PD-L did not understand that this is an equal partnership and they think they are much too influent and much too important. I think the reaction of our organisation was right, but, at the same time, I believe it is our obligation at a central level to seek those formulas that will get things right, if and when done under conditions acceptable to us,’ said Geoana,
Geoana was on Thursday in Nasaud to celebrate feast of the Ascension. He met the local PSD leading board, laid a wreath at the Warriors’ Monument of Nasaud and signed the guest book of the city hall.

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