PM Boc: Romania has several competitive edges over other countries

Romania has several competitive edges over other countries such as energy, tourism and agriculture, Prime Minister Emil Boc told a meeting on energy issues on Thursday.
‘By competitive edges I mean those domestic resources that we have and others don’t and that offer us the possibility of being competitive.
There are strategic fields of the national economy that should yet be capitalised on and I think the Government should make an immediate decision on a long-term strategy both on energy and agriculture,’ Boc pointed out.
The prime minister said Romania is not lacking strategies, but it lacks the political will to implement them. ‘We lack the will to see a short-, medium- and long-term strategy through. We have had enough strategies, but we lacked the political will to accomplish them and I think that after 20 years that have passed Romania can no longer afford the luxury of abandoning these priorities’, he said.

Boc voiced optimism with respect to the medium-term development of Romania.
‘Romania still has an important resource of economic growth, since we still need motorways, sewerage, investments in tourism and agriculture, we still have a lot to do here and this gives us hope for years of economic growth, after we come out of this crisis.
However, we’ll also reach the situation the EU countries are in, as they no longer have roads that need asphalting, they do not need to build motorways or sewerage.
It is then that the real problem of Romania’s competitiveness comes in. We’ll be then in a position to be in direct competition with the EU states and the states from across the world and if we fail now to make the preparations for the competitive edges that we have, then after we come out of the crisis Romania will really have a problem’, the prime minister cautioned.
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