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PM Boc: Romanian-Syrian economic and political cooperation is excellent

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc and Syrian Finance Minister Mohammad al Hussein on Thursday underscored the ‘special’ economic and political cooperation between Romania and Syria, at a meeting in Bucharest at the Victoria Government Palace.
‘Our countries have laid the foundations for a new economic cooperation line. Syria is a traditional friend of Romania’s, given 53 years of diplomatic ties,’ Boc said at the meeting.
He added that more cooperation opportunities can still be capitalised on in the economy, pointing to the existence of a potential for intensified commercial exchanges between the two countries.
The Syrian minister underscored in his turn the important part of the transport sector as far as intensifying cooperation between Syria and Romania is concerned.
Boc also said he is attaching special importance to the signing of an application programme for an agreement between Romania and Syria on education, science and culture for 2009-2013.

The two state officials agreed on reciprocal opening of culture institutes in Damascus and Bucharest, given an important number of Romanian nationals having worked in Syria and of Syrians studying and living in Romania. In this context, al Hussein mentioned that nearly 35,000 Syrians studied at Romanian universities and that he is himself a graduate of the Bucharest School of Economics (ASE).
As far as cooperation in politics is concerned, Boc mentioned that Romania is supporting the demarches within the European Union for the signing of an association agreement between the European Union and Syria.
‘Romania believes Syria is playing a key role in the Middle East as a balancer of regional issues,’ said Boc.
The Syrian minister appreciated Romania for its support in favour of the singing of an association agreement between the EU and Syria.

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