PM Boc: Situation is under control as for new-virus flu

Premier Emil Boc gave assurances on Thursday that the situation is under control as for the new-virus flu situation, despite two more cases under suspicion.
„The emergency cell at the Ministry of Health took all precautionary measures. We have the situation under control, we use all European Union standard procedures, in conformity with those of World Health Organization. We hope to further keep it under control”, said Boc.
He reiterated that precautionary measures were taken at the cross-border points, to monitor suspecting cases and to isolate the eventually sick people, underlining at the same time that it is important for each Romanian to observe the elementary personal hygiene norms.
Health Minister Ion Bazac confirmed on Wednesday May 27 the first case of an infection with AH 1N 1 flu virus in Romania, of a 30 year old woman, New York resident, who came on holiday n Romania, on May 23. Another two cases – this woman’s father and child – were announced on Thursday.

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