PM Boc: Strategy in energy field should begin with sector restructuring

The Romanian Government’s strategy in the field of energy needs to begin with the restructuring of this sector of activity, taking into account how the energy companies in the EU member states are organized, Romanian prime Minister Emil Boc said at a debate on Thursday.
‘Our opinion is that we will need to use an energy mix, to refer to the primary resource, at each of the production companies we are to create in order to secure electric power production in Romania. That’s why we will create a limited number of powerful companies, viable, to be able to compete with similar companies in the EU and which to support investments in new, clean, technologies, to help us become leaders on this South-European market.
With regards to the commitments made by Romania under the EU, Boc said that the country aims at ensuring 33 percent of the gross domestic consumption of electric power and renewable resources in 2010.
In the field of nuclear energy, the Romanian Government aims at building another 2 groups at the Cernavoda Nuclear-Electric power plant (south-east) – III and IV – and takes into account also the possibility of building a new plant, Emil Boc informed.
Referring to the financing projects in the field of oil, gas and energy in the Black Sea area, the Premier reiterated that Romania wants first of all to build the Nabucco gas pipeline, the oil pipeline Constanta -Trieste and to build in Constanta a liquefied natural gas terminal.
‘These are our priority projects. Nevertheless, we will not neglect the other European projects currently under debate. Romania has the strategic advantage of holding an important position in any of those projects, that’s why our country will approach a more flexible policy, to become part in the European projects too,’ the PM said.
According to the Premier, the Romanian Government aims at increasing the energy independence of Romania on a medium term, in the sense of growing the domestic production of energy, reducing the dependence to a single energy import source, as well as promoting a common policy of energy security in the EU.
Romania needs to begin from a rigorous analysis of what it has in this field and also to shape a strategy till 2020-2030 at least in which to correlate national investments with the European ones, the head of the Romanian Government underlined.
The production of electric power in Romania comes from the electric-thermal plants – 54.3 percent the hydroelectric plants – 28.4 percent and the nuclear ones – 17.3 percent. The production of electric energy in the thermal plants is obtained 66 percent in those functioning on coal 30 percent in those plants running on gas and 4 percent in those running on crude oil.


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