PM Boc: There is no future in home heating units

The home heating units have no future and the Government plans to take out a foreign loan and have the co-generation heating units reequipped, PM Emil Boc said during a meeting on energy, on Thursday.
‘I can say, from my experience as a mayor, but also from my short experience as a prime minister that there is no future in the home heating units. I’ve seen it in the EU as well. It might have been a good solution for the Romanian families at a given moment, but the centralized well- articulated and balanced system represents the solution in the long and medium run,’ PM Emil Boc explained.
In his opinion the best solution is the co-generation plants and therefore the state must aim at an assiduous investment programme in re-tooling the co-generation heating plants and other alternative forms.
‘That’s why the solution I have in view and hope find the necessary financial arrangement for it, is a foreign loan worth a couple of billion euros to be focused on re-equipping these plants and I am confident it will pay off and we’ll feel it later in the money it will save. (…)
I think the Government must make a courageous decision and borrow that money and have the whole heating system re- equipped and bring it to the wanted capacity in accordance with that practiced in the EU,’ PM Boc said.

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