PSD:Government reshuffle is possible after June 7

President of the Social Democratic Party (PS-D) said, on Thursday, in Nasaud, north-east of Bucharest, that a government reshuffle is possible after the Euro¬parliamentary election of June 7.
Everything is possible but everybody is expecting now the results of the Euro-parliamentary election. They are a political test, I don’t believe that there will be a moment of major political instability, but everything is possible, taking into account the main wish of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), said Basescu, at a moment of sharp electoral decline, „Geoana said.
Mircea Geoana said that he is not discontent with the activity of the ministers of the Social- Democratic Party in the Boc government, whom, he believes, are „serious people who are trying, under difficult conditions to pay their debts.’
As for Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu, Geoana believes she cannot be charged, directly, with the situation created in the half-year tests.
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