Several investors interested in reactors 3 and 4 of Cernavoda

There are many investors, besides the existing ones, interested in getting shares in ElectricaNuclear company, which will built reactors 3 and 4 of the Nuclearelectrica power plant at Cernavoda, south-eaast of Romania, said, on Thursday, secretary of state at the Ministry of Economy Tudor Serban, at a seminar on energy topics.
„Many foreign investors have shown interest, some of them are Russian, they are interested in shares at Energonuclear Co. We will talk about a modification of the shareholding after a revision of the study of feasibility, function of its results.
The Romanian state does not intend to diminish its 51 percent sharholding, ” said Tudor Serban. The shareholders of SC EnergoNuclear SA are ArcelorMittal Galati, CEZ, ENEL, GDF-Suez, Iberdrola, RWE Power and Nuclearelectrica. The project of those two reactors have to be achieved in two stages.
During the stage of pre- project, that is estimated to last for 18 months, as well as the registration of the commercial company, activities in preparation for the drawing up of technical and commercial specifications are required, offer requests, engineering documentations, the financing of site works limited in volume, an assessment for the general contractor etc. The investors will make commercial arrangements for the building of the two units, the exploitation on long-term as well as ways of financing.
The stage proper for carrying out the project is put at around four billion euros and a stage of some 6 months. Each unit will have a generating power of four billion euros and a length of time of around 6 months. The lifetime of a unit stands at 30 years, it can be prolonged to 40 years.
Romania now has only one nuclear power plant, that at Cernavoda.
Units one and two are working there, generating together around 18 percent of the consumption of energy of Romania.
The initial plan, daring back from the early 1980, stipulates the building of 5 units. Unit one was commissioned in 1990 and it has a generating power of 706 MW and annually generates some five TWh.
Unit two was commissioned on May 6, it was connected to the national energy system on August 7 and is working at normal parameters from Sept. 2007.
The nuclear reactors at Cernavoda are using Candu Canadian technology. The heavy water, used as moderator, is produced by ROMAG Drobeta-Turnu Severin (south).
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