APIA: 5 offers to provide remote sensing control services of farmers with payment applications

5 offers were submitted by May 27 for providing remote sensing control services of the farmers having payment applications afferent to the campaign 2009 and 2010, according to data provided by the Agency for Payment and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA).
The offers were submitted by the SC Cooprogetti SC Coop from Italy, SC Axel Telecom Bucharest, in association with Teamnet International SA, Asesoft international SA and SC Complex IT Solution SRL – Romania, SC Gauss SRL Romania, Esterefoto Geoengenharia SA in association with SC Cornel and Cornel Topoexim SRL – Portugal and Romania, with the last offer having been submitted by SC MGGP SA in association with Tehnocad SA and Ingeo Proect SRL Poland and Romania.
The estimative value of the contract stands at 8.4 million euros, without VAT. According to APIA, the Commission is going to analyse the documents and to announce the winner in no more than 20 days.
The announcement related to the contracting of the remote sensing control services was published in the public acquisitions electronic system (SEAP) on April 14 2009. Currently, the remote sensing control was provided by Gauss SRL Timisoara.
Accordign to APIA, in the case of this particular tender, the procedure was changed not to depend on a single society providing remote sensing control services, with three winners to be announced instead. Thus, in the case one of the companies will disobey the contract, this contract will be taken over by another company.
There will be approx. 240,000 farmers in three groups to be checked through remote sensing control services during the entire period of the two-year framework-agreement.
The agreements with the winning companies will be concluded for two years, with certain penalties to be established in case stipulations are ignored.

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