Basescu speaks of jurisprudence unification, personnel shortage in judicial system

President Traian Basescu spoke to the Romanian magistrates on Friday of the need to create unified jurisprudence, to enhance their responsibility and to solve a shortage of personnel.
‘The need to create unified jurisprudence is one of the European goals which I think cannot be reached without institutional cooperation and without the harmonization of legislation.
Transparency and real applicability give the content of the reform’, said Basescu in an address to the 7th meeting of the General Assembly of the European Network of the Councils for the Judiciary, also marking the 100th anniversary of the Romanian Upper Council of Magistrates (CSM) being held at the Parliament Palace.
He stressed the magistrates cannot see themselves a special entity in terms of status only, but they should understand the importance of the stability and credibility of the judicial system within the limits of the national economic framework.
‘We all recognize the importance of justice in a state, but the role of other social brackets is equally important. From this viewpoint, I believe we can draw up only priorities, not hierarchies’, he said.
The president said the CSM has the duty to find ways to enhance the magistrates’ sense of responsibility.
‘Amid the current circumstances, when the number of the litigations being judged by the courts has risen significantly, the Council’s task also includes solving the personnel shortage and drawing up laws on the human resources in the judicial system’, he pointed out.
Basescu spoke about the improvement of the functioning of the judicial system as a public service. ‘Everybody – politicians and members of a professional body – should be aware that justice begins with the manner in which the ordinary citizen is welcomed and treated at the ancillary services – where the documents are registered, the archives and mostly in the courtroom’, he stressed.
The implementation of a service to publish all the court rulings passed all over Romania would have a positive impact, Basescu said and he hailed the recent initiative to launch such a programme.
He said he was certain it was in the magistrates’ power, by the manner in which they explain their solutions, to remove ‘the perception that some rulings are differentiated as a result of a person’s position, the financial potential of the sides, in terms of friendship and liking and even for political reasons’.

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