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Crin Antonescu: We have not only an economic but also an authority crisis

National Liberal Party (PNL) president Crin Antonescu and the Liberal MEP Adina Valean along with 200 teachers of the schools and high schools of the Prahova County (southern Romania), late on Thursday, attended a debate on the current problems of the Romanian education in the European context.
The Liberal official thinks that in Romania there is not only an economic crisis but also ‘a crisis of authority, a moral crisis at the political and the policy level.’
The Liberal government at rule over 2005-2008 did two very good things for the education, Antonescu said mentioning that it allocated 6 percent of the GDP to the sector and invested in the school infrastructure.

The education must be a political and a budget priority, the Liberal official stressed reminding the participants that the ‘capacity and the desire, the readiness and the risk of telling the whole truth’ are the first solutions to the reform of the Romanian political and public life.
Education occupies a place of honor in the European Union, because it represents the fundamentals of the society’s shaping and training, said MEP Adina Valean, who is the second candidate on the PNL list for the European Parliament elections due on June 7.
Also attending the event were PNL honorary president Mircea Ionescu Quintus, the president of the PNL branch in Prahova County Adrian Semcu, Deputy Gratiela Gavrilescu and ex-MEP Horia Toma.

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