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EUR 30 mln earmarked for upgrading county road DJ 151

As much as 30 million euros were earmarked under the Regional Operational Program (ROP) for the modernization and upgrading of that stretch of County Road DJ 151 between the city of Bistrita (north) and the border of the Mures County (center); the contract was signed on Friday in the presence of Minister of Housing and Regional Development, Vasile Blaga.
The contract signing ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Bistrita-Nasaud County Council, with County Council president Liviu Rusu, county prefect Cristian Florian and other officials attending, apart from Minister Blaga.
The value of the project subject to European and governmental funding amounts to over 126.6 million lei, of which 104 million lei are eligible. The Bistrita-Nasaud County Council will cover 4.98 million lei of these costs.

Measuring 76.772 kilometers, County Road 151 is the longest county road in Bistria-Nasaud, crossing 16 localities in five communes, plus the Sigmir quarter in Bistrita. The upgraded area is of 510,365 square meters.
According to estimations, the tendering procedure for the award of the works will be finalized in two months, after which the winning company will have 31 months to effectively perform the road modernization project.
„It is the largest financing contract signed in Romania so far for this type of financing, for infrastructure of local and regional interest. It is a EUR 30 worth of project and a typical example of regional development, because it should be correlated with the projects for the modernization of the Mures and Cluj county roads.
Practically, today we managed to exceed the limit of EUR 850 million contracted under a ROP and we will further progress through EUR 900 million early next week and EUR 1 billion in June. I am fully confident that this year we will exceed two billion euros in contracted projects.
I think that you should complete the contracting until 2011, because quite a number of implementation problems could occur,” said Minister Vasile Blaga.

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